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May 08, 2020 But how do you set up Time Capsule as a NAS? | AnandTech Dec 01, 2011 I want to use Airport Time capsule only for back up and

Install AirPort Utility 5.3 from the CD that came with your Time Capsule and use it to set up your Time Capsule. Previous versions of AirPort Setup Assistant and AirPort Admin Utility are not compatible with the Time Capsule. About Your Time Capsule Your Time Capsule has five ports on the back: Â

Apr 09, 2012 · My brother upgraded to a 3TB Apple Time Capsule and gave me his old 500gb Time Capsule. Why you can’t just pop the drive and put in another one I don’t understand, but meanwhile, I want to reformat or reset the older unit so I can make it my own and set it up in my dorm room. First, set up your Time Capsule via Airport Utility, using the instructions that came with it. If you can’t find them, try the Time Capsule Setup Guide.. Keep the name you assign to your Time Capsule, your Computer, and your network short (under 25 characters), and avoid embedded spaces, special characters, and punctuation (see item #P1 for details). Apr 07, 2008 · Two ways to do this. Either set up AirPort Utility for Windows and use AirPort Base Station Agent to connect to your Time Capsule's HDD, or set up the workgroup in your AirPort Utility under Disks > File Sharing (make sure it's the same workgroup that the PC is a part of). Because Time Machine and AirPort Time Capsule are designed to work with macOS based computers only. They do not support backing up data from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), nor can you restore iPhone data via Time Machine. It just does not work that way. But…There’s An Indirect Way!

Nov 11, 2019 · Just to complete my Time Machine saga, I finally backed up to an external drive, erased my MacBook Pro and reinstalled Catalina (10.15.1) from scratch. I also cleared my Time Capsule. I can report that Time Machine between the MBP and the Time Capsule now works ‘normally’ again. May 05, 2009 · I was able to set up port forwarding on my Time Capsule using these instructions with no problem, with the latest Time Capsule/Airport Extreme firmware (7.5.1)and the latest AirPort Utility (5.5.1). Aug 01, 2015 · You can even do it after the macOS initial setup process. To do so, simply use Migration Assistant found in Applications > Utilities. To learn more about Time Machine, make sure to also check out these other tutorials: How to set up Time Machine on OS X; How to encrypt Time Machine backups; How to exclude files from being backed up in Time Machine To do that, disconnect any Ethernet cables that might be connected to the Time Capsule at this time, then power up the Time Capsule and let it run for at least a full minute. Hold in the reset button on the back of the Time Capsule for 10 seconds, then release and allow a full minute for the Time Capsule to restart to a slow, blinking amber I recently bought a Time Capsule and sucessfully set it up in accordance with the instruction book. The home network and guest network seem to work fine but my MacBook cannot find the Time Capsule wirelessley. Initially I set up the time capsule connected to the MacBook with an ethernet cable.