Much of my personal information is available online. That is not a particular issue for me, but someone used my name to make a gmail account with my specific name on it (it is an unusual name), and ordered some game codes from ebay using my email address, which was somehow linked to my credit card.

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Someone's Sending Email that Looks Like it's from Me to My

I tired to log onto my own gmail account on the computer of someone else who has a gmail account. The short answer: I could not do it. Google has changed. Anyone have a simple work-around or suggestion? My apologies if the question has been posted and answered before. Someone's Sending Email that Looks Like it's from Me to My For God sake help me. I am sending this e-mail 2nd. time (on Saturday, October 15, 2011 4:46 PM). I am approx. 15 years old user of hotmail account. My account has been hacked, resultantly i can’t sign-in due to inncorrect password. I am sending my e-mail (as previous / first e-mail to hotmail) Dear Sir/ Madam,

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Aug 12, 2019