Dec 15, 2015 · For example, let us block the SSH and FTP access to host that has IP address and network range This method is same for CentOS 6.x and 7.x series. And, of course, it will work on other distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, openSUSE etc.

Jul 05, 2017 · How do you find it in Ubuntu? We will show you two locations easily accessible through the GUI and, of course, a terminal command that will get your IP address in no time. The first location, and the easiest in most cases, is found by right clicking the network icon in the notification area and clicking Connection Information. Nov 15, 2007 · iplist allows users with no or basic knowledge of iptables to filter (e.g. to block) network traffic based on (automatically updated) lists. These lists have various formats and are sorted by different categories (e.g. countries, adware, corporations). Then type the IP address, subnet mask and gateway. Don’t forget the DNS server addresses as well. When you’re done, click Apply. Setting Static IP on Ubuntu 17.10 Servers. On Ubuntu 17.10, there’s a new way to set static IPs.. Read the post below to find out. FREE AGGREGATED ACCESS CONTROL LIST for blocking Iran: We have been monitoring a very high level of malevolent traffic originating from Iran. As Iran is also on the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) re-imposed sanctions list, we have decided to provide a free Access Control (ACL) specifically for blocking Iran.

May 28, 2019 · This tutorial describes How To Block IP using .htaccess in Apache. The Apache users can easily block website access from specific IP addresses or any IP ranges using the .htaccess file. Make sure your Apache server is enabled to use a .htaccess file.

May 26, 2020 · Default dynamic IP address settings on Ubuntu 18.10 Server To set your network interface enp0s3 to static IP address with gateway and DNS server as and replace the above configuration with the one below. Dec 21, 2019 · Disabling IPv6 on Ubuntu [For Advanced Users Only] In this section, I’ll be covering how you can disable IPv6 protocol on your Ubuntu machine. Open up a terminal (default: CTRL+ALT+T) and let’s get to it! Note: For most of the commands you are going to input in the terminal you are going to need root privileges (sudo). If a block follows on down the list, that doesn’t matter either; the allow is still there before the deny or block. To get around this, you can setup customized definitions for Fail2Ban. This is a more restrictive setup. It will ban any IP that is tagged with UFW BLOCK in the ufw log. You can do this by creating a file: /etc/fail2ban/action.d

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May 17, 2020