For more information about Per-App VPN Payload, see the iOS developer library. You can also use SSID which is helpful when devices are connected to a corporate Wi-Fi network, for example. You set the SSID of your organization’s Wi-Fi network in a Wi-Fi profile and then assign the profile to user accounts, user groups, or device groups.

VPN - IBM For iOS 12.0+ devices, you must use a Packet Tunnel provider type for the per-app VPN to work. The VPN payload now supports a bundle identifier. If a VPN vendor provides two different apps, an administrator can use an app bundle identifier for each VPN app to differentiate between the two apps. MobileIron Tunnel™ by MobileIron - Latest iOS News And Oct 26, 2016

Oct 10, 2017 · Define a Per App VPN Policy for Apple iOS Devices The policy for Per App VPN on Apple iOS devices is entirely controlled by the MDM facilities. Therefore, AnyConnect must allow ALL apps, and MDM must configure per app policies to specify the particular apps that can be tunneled.

Configure a Per-App VPN Configuration for iOS Endpoints Configure a Per-App VPN Configuration for iOS Endpoints Using AirWatch You can enable access to internal resources from your managed mobile endpoints by configuring GlobalProtect VPN access using AirWatch. In a per-app VPN configuration, you can specify … Configure a Per-App VPN Configuration for iOS Devices

Key developments occurred with the advent of iOS 9, leaving us with the configurations we have today: Standard VPN (manually launched from the built-in VPN client), On demand VPN, Per app VPN, and

iOS per App VPN for outbound calls in Microsoft |VMware Jun 15, 2020