2020-7-24 · Xbox Live 上的「寻找群组」功能将助您物色游戏目标、风格志趣相近的玩家,一起畅玩 Xbox One 及 Windows 10 电脑游戏。 欢迎加入俱乐部 您可以在「Xbox Live 俱乐部」中组建自己的游戏社群。

2020-4-17 · Email, phone, or Skype. No account? Create one! Sign in with a security key Xbox Live - How do I change my billing region 2015-10-1 How to change or migrate Xbox Account country without How to change or migrate Xbox Account country. Few things you should know before migration. Some of the services which aren’t available in the new region will stop working or will be limited. Gamerscore unlocked achievements, and the rest of your Xbox Live profile will be migrated. Any remaining time on your Gold membership Move Your Xbox LIVE Account to a New Region

2009-4-16 · A: No. When you select a region on Xbox.com, this does NOT change what region your Xbox LIVE account is associated with, it only filters Xbox.com to that specific region. Note, the region that your Xbox 360 is set up for is the only region for which you can download content.

Xbox Enforcement | Reputation The most common player on Xbox Live. A typical user who plays online with some regularity and receives very little negative feedback from other players. Needs Work A user whose reputation score has fallen due to many reports of bad behavior over the course of many gaming sessions. Needs Work

How to Change Your Xbox One Store Region - What Is My IP

Change your country or region in Microsoft Store Change your region in Windows. When you make your first purchase in the new locale, you'll be prompted to update your billing info. Select Start > Settings > Time & Language > Region. Under Country or region, select your new region. You can switch back to your original region at any time. Change your country/region on Xbox One Xbox LIVE region migration is now available - Xbox Live's 2013-1-16 · I am happy to share the news that we can now offer Xbox LIVE Account Region Migration.If you have moved to a different Xbox LIVE region, you can now move your account and take your gamerscore, unlocked achievements, any Microsoft Points already in your account and any remaining time on your Gold membership. How to change your country or region for Microsoft Store