While dedicated servers are apparently "further down the road" in For Honor, the two seasons of new content will arrive in August and November, adding new heroes, maps, gear, gameplay updates and more, with Season Pass owners receiving early access to the new DLC.

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I had Dead Space 2 in my Playstation 3 yesterday and wanted to see if anyone was in the online section, but it said it was unable to connect to the network. I was wondering, was it just server down time or is that part of the game no longer available? Just curious, thanks!

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Oof, imagine pushing this narrative while other fanboys have paid 3 times as much for 13 years for a similar service (no dedicated servers). But keep going, my dude. You're doing lord's work. difference is.xbox/psn offer so much more than nintendo online

The recommendation for large installations is to use a Dedicated deployment (Separate PAN, MnT, and PSN nodes). The CoA operation dictates that if nodes are not deployed on separate instances then for a large number of network devices (over 100 NADs), at least use a Hybrid deployment with dedicated …