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31 Jan 2012 On popular demand, i created a new version of the tool - DeleteTSPorts.exe which just deletes the Inactive TS Ports.This can be used to create a scheduled task that can run periodically and delete the ports without passing any parameters of waiting on the press any key to exit. Cabling and Pinouts | Terminal Servers, Serial Cards | Perle Cabling Adapters: IOLAN Traditional Pinout Models - IOLAN+, IOLAN DS, TS, SDS, STS, SCS This table will help you determine which cable / converter / adapter you will need in order to connect another vendor's product to an IOLAN server. Terminal Server | Transmit Serial over IP Ethernet

Terminal Servers and Serial Servers for Serial-to-Ethernet

Terminal Server with GB Ethernet | ConnectPort LTS 8/16/32 The ConnectPort® LTS terminal server family delivers secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective RS-232/422/485 serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. Targeted serial-to-IP applications include security, property management, point-of-sale, data acquisition, industrial automation, power utilities, logistics and others. Best practices for setting up Remote Desktop Licensing Nov 30, 2017

Oct 12, 2015

Mass Delete inactive TS ports in Windows Server TS or the Terminal Server’s listening port are one of the major reasons Windows Servers tend to become unresponsive when they are inactive and for a normal server having such servers in good count is normal as it is admin who is responsible to configure all those things. Now a good admin knows how to take care of this but even then doing this one by one can be a big issues. Inactive TS Ports on Windows 2008 R2 Server - TeachNovice Q&A