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This list is not an all encompassing list but most of the ones here are considered classics or must sees of the genre. The list includes films from nearly 100 years of horror cinema (1920-2017). 26,206 users · 205,240 views

A list of must-watch horror movies according to critics

Nov 22, 2017 · The search to find new films, particularly of the horror variety, can be arduous. Finding good ones can be even more challenging. From the intense and obscure to the dark and creepy, the world of horror has so much to offer—and true horror fans have probably already seen much of it.

10 Disturbing Horror Films You Should Never Be Tempted To Watch, Ranked (According To IMDb) The horror genre is all about pushing boundaries, but these 10 films are so grotesque that not even seasoned horror fans should seek them out.