How to Connect Two Routers & Have the Same SSID

Using 2 routers on the same coaxial cable - Verizon Fios You can't have two routers on you network as only 1 can get a public IP. If you can configure second router as an access point, that would work. Otherwise, what you want is a MOCA wireless extender. Using 2 routers on the same coaxial cable ‎07-24-2017 06:18 PM. Message 4 of 4 Can 2 Routers have a same external IP a - Cisco Community I've got a one problem. Me and my friend have the same ISP. I checked my External IP address at and my friend do it to. And we saw we have the same External IP. So my question is can 2 routers have the same External IP address? If i'm right 2 routers can't have the same … Two Routers Same SSID and Password - Wireless Networking 2017-4-21

I was recently given a gently used DLink Wireless Router Model 2310. I already use a DLink Wireless Router Model 1310. Is it possible to use a second wireless router in our home network? What would be the advantages of adding the second router to our home network? I live in a 2 story townhouse and the signal gets weak once it reaches the first

The second method of combining two routers into one network is with a network cable. In case of a LAN/WAN connection, use a network cable to connect the LAN port of the main router with the WAN/Internet port of the other (secondary) router. Connect to the first device: and check if it has DHCP server enabled. By default, it is usually enabled. Multiple orbi routers in same house - NETGEAR Communities My router is at end of unit w 2 satelites , 1 in middle & one at other end. I lose signal intermittenly , Spectrum(no choice). I have an additional orbi RBR50 router & 2 more satelites, can I use 2 routers in 1 house? Possible only as two separate network and SSIDs. Pros? Cons? RBRs can't work in satellite mode, only router or AP mode. Connect two wireless routers to increase WiFi range


2 routers on the same network - Page 2 - Linksys Community I have installed 2 Linksys routers type WRT160N and a WRT160Nv3. Both ar DHCP installed, channels are 1 & 10, IP adresses are divided so Linksys 1: - 149 and Linksys 2 : - 200. If anybody have another idea please come forward. Many thanks in advance. How to use two routers with the same SSID and password - … Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, I would configure the second router as a wireless access point. Set up a different IP on the second router such as assuming your primary router is Connect an Ethernet cable b 2 routers on the same network. | Tech Support 2007-6-20 Can I use two routers on same network? - TP-Link SOHO