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I also have two smart Samsung televisions, purchased within the last few years, which suddenly, as of two days ago, fail to access the internet. My FiOS Quantum router, which I upgraded to over a week ago, still feeds wifi fine to the other devices in the home (two Lenovo laptops, an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy SIII, and an Xbox One S). A smart TV that supports either Dolby Vision or HDR10 and Netflix. (If you are using an HDR-capable Blu-ray player, you will need to connect it to an HDR-capable Smart TV via an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2 or later - usually the HDMI 1 port.) A 4 Screen Netflix plan. It was all fine and suddenly the TV stopped connecting to the wifi. It shows connected to the router but not to the internet. My TV is new so still under warranty. Samsung tech support made me go through OS update, reset etc. - still the same result - so Samsung says talk to your ISP FiOS support m Jun 17, 2019 · I am seeing the Samsung TV and trying to connect it. It is just trying to connect and never really gets connects even after waiting for an hour. Details are : Samsung Smart TV. Laptop is HP Envy. Windows 10. Both my TV and Laptop are connected to same wireless wifi. Just to note here that I am perfectly able to connect my mobile screen to Jul 01, 2019 · Can Samsung Smart TV browse the Internet? The brand’s Smart TV allows you to access special apps, instantly stream programs, and browse the web with either your remote or your mobile device. Browsing the web on the Samsung Smart TV is simple, and you can start browsing the web as soon as you get the television out of the box and set up.

How to fix your Samsung smart TV wireless internet connection

Jan 22, 2017 Solved: TV Can't Connect to Internet - Page 2 - Samsung I have to cycle the TV on and off until it says Samsung Smart TV instead of the white line with the screen opening. Then I know the wifi is working. All my settings are correct, router is fine, firmware is up to date. Again, it's not the connection from the router to the internet, it's the TV wifi not turning on. Smart TV won't connect to WiFi - Samsung Community

I am having the same issues as well. My SMART TV stopped connecting to the internet while everything electronic using the WiFi is working properly. I've unplugged and plugged back in my router, try to manually set up TV to connect to the WiFi. Verizon FiOS is my internet provider. My TV information is below. Please help!!! Model: UN50KU6300

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